Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fuck It...its the mood I am in!

I have played, I have won, I have laughed, cried, and lied....I did it all, I did it well...I've been a boy but always stood as a man...I think about it sometimes and I giggle to my appeal, for lack of a better word...swag...what is it? where does it come from? is it an aura that engulfs my being like Leroy with the glow?

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Or is it truly curiosity?? I'm not a bad guy or the bad guy...just a guy...nature vs nuture...this is not me saying anything to be taken anyway..but to curve some of the attention...let me address this curiosity...its just information...take it how you want it..but when it comes to me...and that time...when its time to do work..I'll tell you exactly who I am...

I am that person that will pull your panties off and push you onto the bed. I'll be gentle but firm as I grab your wrists and hold them above your head. You want to be kissed on the lips, neck, and breasts, maybe even bitten a little. I won't be afraid to leave marks on your skin because I am in complete control of you. I'll kiss you and hold you down until you can't stand it anymore. While keeping you pinned under my body, I'll push your knees even further apart and gently force my thickness into you. You will be wet but tight, and you'll gasp at being pushed open, but you can't do anything since I'll still be holding down your hands and small body. I'll start thrusting slowly but with purpose; I’m so hard and thick that you’ll close your eyes and throw your head back at the feeling of being so completely filled and so utterly helpless. I might even pull out to tease you, and, not having use of your hands, you'll have no choice but to wrap your thighs around me and try to pull me back inside. I'll pump into you until your legs start to shake and you melt into the mattress as you come. I will then use your body entirely for my pleasure as I push into you fast and hard until I burst inside you and collapse on top of your body, exhausted but looking forward to a second time...Good night!

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