Monday, October 18, 2010

Worst YouTube Rappers of All Time

10. Gangsta Fag: He Wantz It

9. Don't Call Me Eskimo


7.Joe Somebody

6.Reh Dogg: Why Must I Cry

5. Bangs: Meet Me on Facebook

4.Bangs: Take U Da Movies

3.TBaby: It's So Cold in the D

2.Duel of the Iron Mike Freestyle Battle

1. 50 Tyson

Its official, I'm getting a gun and a shovel and I'm going to Minnesota and I'm going to kill 50 Tyson...if this ninja really blow up....I'm going "put three in his head like a bowling ball" And don't give me that look.... millennium Drop Squad...but we don't do no talking...just shooting...DEATH TO ALL COONS!!!

soooooo in conclusion....
In the infamous words of my brother Dre... DO BETTER NINJAS
(psst you should follow him too Do Better Movement: Land of On.Us.Tee)