Friday, November 5, 2010

April 2nd 2010 5:39pm

On my way to Park for Greek Happy Hour, but the Cherry Blossoms and all these mofos in the city, are causing the most frustrating delays. A barrage of swears leave my mouth at will. Thank God for my iPod and moleskin booklet that allow me to capture these random thoughts. The fight between people getting on the train while people are getting off will forever be a rivalry. But I push my way through to locate myself in a non-handicap seat. (Yo mofos wont be hitting me with the  "oh no he didn't face" cause the way I'm feeling you'd get that "oh yes I did" face right back with a side of  "and." I tried to pull off the sit-in-the-middle-of-the-seat-on-the-metro-train-so-no-one-can-sit-beside-you-move. It was working til we hit the Gallery Place stop where the dustiest person ever decided he was going to sit by me..regardless! I mean tapped me as I obviously tried to ignore and then gave me a speech about how wrong I am...blah blah blah...I slide over. I dont need the scene, shorty on the iPhone is checking me out, (Heeeeeeeeey you Denzel stare) probably tweeting about how good I look...I digress
So this dusty ass individual and I do mean ever see your ceiling fan when it's off? Looked like he got on the train at Ground Zero (respect) but you get my drift. Why does he smell like Ritz crackers? I love Ritz crackers! I mean I can sit there with some Ritz crackers and the jar of peanut butter and butterknife and its BLAAAAAAAAAACK EYEEEEEED PEEEEAAAAAAS I'MMMMM IN HEEEEEEEEEAVEEEEEN!!! But I only have two more stops and then its L'efant Plaza.
(cue Rakim) I start schemin' on a master plan..cause when I get the station I gotta move it man!
I mean like a ninja, or like if they found out Andy Dufrain escaped right as he was coming thru the shit tunnel if I want to make the other train. So that became my motivation as I'm passing ritz cracker man (damn almost feel into a trance...dusty muahfucka) and this Al B. Sure I Can Dream About You Night and Day Boomerang S-Curl kit looking ass boy. He had on leather gloves and denim matching set and everything. did I know he was going to be a problem? This negro stands on the left side of the escalator. I ought to kick him dead in the ass!! I smoove have to run sideways to make the door as it's closing. I impress even myself sometimes. So I make it, see a seat, claim it and initiate  sit-in-the-middle-of-the-seat-on-the-metro-train-so-no-one-can-sit-beside-you-move. Oh Yes I did, And???
Take 2....
Train is making good time (looks down 5:56:44..45..46secs) dinner reservations are at 6pm
(Incoming Text) "I'm here. They need us both here to sit us" (looks down 6:02:10..11..12secs)
(Reply text) "Getting off train now" (looks down 6:10:34..35..36secs)  
Get to door, flash I.D., walk-in, head on a swivel ahh there "she" is....smiles..."lets it eat!"
Who is "she?" tell me, never saw her face....alarm went off...
I woke up grab my phone and saw a text from my man Jeff..
"Yo we got you on dinner at the Park tonight @ 6pm. Hit me back by 3pm let me know. I can get  you and one other plan on bringing anyone??"
(looks down April 2nd 2010 9:39:01..02..03secs )

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