Saturday, November 6, 2010

Swag..We so often hear, yet we ever see it...

I think about this often....but what ever happen to the days were Black was soooo beautiful and true swag was in abundance...My definition of Swag is:

Swagger is whatever makes you, you. It’s having personality that shows in all of the things you do and touch. The confidence to take on anything, the style to make someone want to know where you got that from, the inner beauty to light up any room you walk into. Most of all Swagger is the ability to Command and Receive Attention and Respect and be Comfortable in the skin God blessed you with. 

even Don got down

then we fell down to this

and just when you thought it didn't get any worst... the 90's happened

Then coonin' got real popular...

No matter how much swag ninjas say they got drippin...I know it aint that shit!!

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