Monday, September 27, 2010

My Inspiration

You are my inspiration
You’re the voice that soothes the hurt on my soul,
Extinguishing all perspiration that
Causes people to slip from my elevation.
With just a sound, a touch, a
Breath that--exhales--all the life and--
Inhales--all the growth of knowing that
Showing trueness----genuinely expressing
The heart, the mind, the soul-gets you higher
To that goal, or maybe just makes the road
Easier to travel.
You are my inspiration
Your vision helps incite decisions in the
Hearts of many who would have otherwise left undriven.
You show through your touch-fingers, hands
Lips-that beauty lies not within the eye of the
Beholder, but in the spirit of one-
All have a light that would have otherwise
Gone unnoticed;
Eyes open to all around me.
You are my inspiration

I Love You Mommy
-your son

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